NanoBrook Omni

The most advanced DLS instrument featuring True PALS
Microrheology Now Available
Newly updated Particle Solutions software suite when paired with the all-in-one NanoBrook Omni provide a powerful characterization instrument.

What's New

  • New Software Update: Particle Solutions 3.3

    Particle Solutions 3.3 has been released and adds the following features to Brookhaven Instruments' powerful particle characterization software suite: Laboratory Information Management System support to integrate into your LIMS system. Surface Zeta Potential capability with PALS mode (and optional Surface Zeta Potential electrode).
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  • Surface Zeta Potential

    Brookhaven’s Surface Zeta Potential option for the NanoBrook series of instruments (with PALS capability) allows the user to measure the electrical charge on materials like coated glass, plastic, tape, or other flexible surfaces. The system uses known probe particles and purpose-designed electrode to calculate surface zeta potential.

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